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Route Sales Driver
Title:Route Sales Driver

Route Sales Driver
Job Description

  1. Carolina Ice Company Route Sales Drivers are required to deliver packaged ice products manufactured by Carolina Ice Company throughout the set distribution area in the eastern and central areas of North Carolina.
  2. On most routes the job involves manually unloading packaged ice in 10 and 20 pound bags from the delivery truck at each stop on the route into a pushcart. The pushcart is then rolled to the customer’s ice merchandiser into which the pushcart must be unloaded. This procedure is repeated multiple times on most stops during the peak selling season (June, July and August).
  3. Carolina Ice Company uses tractor trailers and other heavy duty trucks that require Route Sales Drivers to hold and maintain a valid North Carolina Class A or B Commercial Driver’s License and Medical Certification. Overnight travel is not required.
  4. Route Sales Drivers are required to learn assigned areas and will be responsible for keeping the customers ice merchandisers (commonly called “ice boxes”) with a level of packaged ice appropriate to the season of the year.  Prompt and consistent deliveries are required.
  5. Due to the seasonal aspects of this business Route Sale Drivers must understand that the opportunity to earn the highest sales commissions will be much greater during the peak selling season than off-season. Route Sales Drivers will be required to work long hours and weekends during the peak selling season.
  6. During the off-season Route Sales Driver swill be involved in other aspects of this business and must be prepared and willing to do things that are not going to involve the selling of packaged ice. This may or may not require driving a commercial vehicle.
  7. Route Sales Drivers will be responsible for collecting money for the ice that is sold and will be required to complete an accurate daily sales summary and deposit report.
  8. Route Sales Drivers must be team players and be able to engage customers with a helpful, appreciative attitude, ensuring the highest level of customer service obtainable.
  9. Except on rare occasions, a Route Sales Drivers will be assigned a specific truck that he will operate each day he makes deliveries. He will be responsible for keeping the outside of the truck and or trailer clean except during the peak selling months when working hours will be limited to driving time set by the DOT. He is required to keep the inside of the truck clean at all times.
  10. Maintaining Log Books will be required on some but not all routes. It will depend on the areas that you are delivering to and the miles required.
  11. Route Sales Drivers must have and maintain an acceptable MVR (Driver’s License Report). MVR’s will be checked annually and a driver can be disqualified and/or terminated if our insurance company disqualifies the Route Salesman due to a unacceptable MVR.
  12. ​Route Sales Drivers will be provided training on their assigned route to the point that they are comfortable with their route and the duties and responsibilities required of them
  1. Able to follow instructions as directed by the supervisor
  2. ​Must be physically fit and able to work long hours during the hot summer months

    â€‹High school degree or equivalent
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